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We bring OSHA compliance into your internal structure to improve overall safety performance through comprehensive training of key personnel and the affected workforce.

Consulting with upper management on environmental, health, and workers’ compensation issues, we will develop an individual strategy for your company to achieve safety excellence.

The recommendations may range from conducting CPR, and First Aid training to overhauling the entire safety process. Working mainly in Southeast Michigan, MIOSHA standards are taken into account.

Training in first aid and CPR & First Aid for children is critical for all child care providers. As such, we provide First Aid & CPR training to Day Care centers.  A child’s life may depend on your knowing what to do in an emergency.  Click here to find our next scheduled First Aid & CPR classes.


Agency Memberships

We obtain memberships with several agencies focused on safety.

ASSE | National Safety Council|USCG Auxiliary



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