Portable Fire Extinguisher Safety Program for the Workplace


The purpose of this program is to develop procedures to ensure employee safety in the event of a fire. The primary objective is to have a workplace free of conditions that would be conducive to fire ignition and spread.

We will address the placement of portable fire extinguishers, types of extinguishers in the facility, use of the extinguishers, employee training and safe evacuation of the building in the case of a fire emergency, all of which will assist in helping your company to comply with MIOSHA Standard, Part 8.

Fire Safety in the Work Place

What is covered:

  • Location of all fire extinguishers in the facility
  • Different types of fires and appropriate responses
  • What to do in case of fire
  • Proper and effective operation of the fire extinguishers
  • Elements of a fire and classifications
  • Flammable vs. combustible
  • Conditions when it’s unsafe to fight a fire