About Us


Statement of Purpose

Michigan Safety Training will focus on proactive environmental, health, and safety processes, including consultation, facilitation, auditing, and diverse training. The services provided will focus on world-class and innovative solutions to organization’s changing needs in a global environment. The purpose is to assist clients for advanced safety strategies and management programs to reduce workers’ compensation costs, incidence rates, and most importantly, prevent human loss and suffering.

Michigan Safety Training has identified a consultation void in southeastern Michigan for companies wanting to implement a world-class safety process and establishing safety excellence. Too many safety & health consultants focus on regulatory compliance and traditional safety approaches when assisting clients. This approach has proven ineffective when addressing today’s global safety issues.

Enjoy some photos below from a past training session.

Description of Business

Michigan Safety Training is a consulting company that includes, facilitating audits, and educational services. The approach is to go beyond assisting companies with generic safety programs, regulatory compliance, and reducing accident rates. While Michigan Safety Training can offer these services, the company is unique in several ways. First, we will communicate solutions that some managers and executives, may not want to hear. Our approach is applying proven and creative solutions to difficult organizational issues.

While most consultants focus on traditional safety programs, we will assist clients in implementing world class solutions. Our consulting partners have a wide range of experience, including – manufacturing, construction, medical services, and retail. Clients include automotive, industrial, healthcare, public, governmental, retail, construction, and a host of other industries.

Michigan Safety Training will be able to provide and assist in implementing proven safety strategies. Different forums will be used during consultation. Management / worker presentations, seminars, workshops, educational sessions are methods that will be deployed. The business will challenge organizations to change their culture and improve processes to achieve safety excellence.

Michigan Safety Training will partner with other entities as necessary to provide the highest quality service. Partners, may include, local universities / colleges, professional safety and health organizations, and other non-profit safety organizations. Also, being involved with various states training grant funding will be explored to provide small businesses with low cost education opportunities. Partnering will also include joint-efforts with other safety agencies to provide educational services.