ISO 14001

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An ISO 14001 environmental management system is meant to develop a systematic approach to the environmental concerns of an organization. The goal of this approach is continual improvement in environmental management.

As your consultant we will work with each member of your company to accomplish your goal.

Some of the potential benefits of 14001 implementation are:

  • Worldwide Recognition
  • Meeting supplier criteria of key customers
  • Increasing Environmental Efficiency and Effectiveness
  • Minimizing legal liability issues
  • Demonstration of Environmental Leadership in your industry
  • Recognizing cost savings related to conservation of natural resources
  • Pollution prevention and conservative land use

The attainment of ISO 14001 certification is taken in many steps. As your consultant we will guide and assist you with each step:

  1. Initial Review & Management Commitment and Environmental Policy
  2. Environmental Procedures
  3. Operational Control
  4. …..

There is no denying it, more and more companies are requesting and more importantly requiring suppliers to have ISO 14001 Certification. (The internationally recognized environmental standard) This number will GROW!

The companies, which have implemented ISO 14001, realize that environmental issues impact the bottom line. Some of the benefits are improved performance, legal compliance with reduced waste and a streamlined process.

As your adviser we will be with you at every step. Assuring that your company is not overwhelmed at any point.