Our Housekeeping class fulfills the MIOSHA/OSHA requirements for training in this often overlooked area. There are several rules on this topic, such as:

MIOSHA R4O8.1OO~5, Rule 15 (3)(4), (3)

“The floor of a work area, passageway or aisle shall be maintained free of hazardous accumulations of scrap, debris, water, oil, grease and other slip and trip hazards, except where an immediate emergency operation must be performed.”

MIOSHA R408.1OO15, Rule 15 (3)(4), (4)

“Where operations, food processing or car washing is used, drainage shall be maintained or false floors, platforms or mats used. Where an employee is required to work on a wet surface in a wet process, the surface shall be slip resistant.”

What is covered:

  • Overview of OSHA Standard
  • Identify Workplace Hazards
  • Establish Housekeeping Practices
  • Review Housekeeping Checklist