Lock Out/Tag Out


OSHA regulations are quite specific; a documented lock out/tag out program is essential for every employer with serviceable machines or equipment Lock Out/Tag Our violations are consistently on OSHA’s top ten citations issued lists. Don’t add your company’s name to their roster!

MIOSHA R408.1 8507 (adopted by reference: 1910,14 7(c)(2)(iii))

“….whenever replacement or major repair, renovation or modification of a machine or equipment is performed, and whenever new machines or equipment are installed, energy isolating devices for such machines or equipment shall be designed to accept a lock out device.” (1910.1 47(f)(4)) ‘….specific procedures shall be utilized during shift or personnel changes to ensure the continuity of lockout or tag out protection.”

What is covered:

  • Overview of OSHA/MIOSHA Standards
  • Affected Employees vs. Authorized Employees
  • Requirements for Lock Out/Tag Out Systems
  • Energy Sources
  • Procedures