Hazard Analysis For Personal Protective Equipment


This service is a comprehensive assessment of your facility’s compliance with the MIOSHA/OSHA standards regulating the training, use and care of required personal protective equipment.

Workplace Survey

What is covered:

  • Inspection for Impact Hazards
  • Assessment of Chemical Hazards
  • Determination of Laceration Hazards
  • Investigation of Compression (roll-over) Hazards
  • Evaluation to determine potential hazards to eyes, head, face, feet and hands
  • Prior injury data will be analyzed to identify problem areas

Personal Protective Equipment

Employee instruction on the use and care of personal protective equipment is crucial, not only for the safety and well being of your workers, but for compliance with MIOSHA/OSHA regulations such as:

MIOSHA R325.70008 Rule 8(1):

“Protective work clothing and equipment shall be provided and used as follows. (a) when there is a reasonable anticipation for occupational exposure the employer shall provide, at no cost to the employee, and assure that an employee uses, appropriate personal protective equipment”

What is covered – an overview of OSHA standards:

  • Eye and Face Protection
  • Head Protection
  • Foot Protection
  • Hand Protection
  • Review of Identified Hazard Areas
  • Discuss Eye and Face Protection
  • Maintenance of PPE
  • Repair
  • Replace
  • Care
  • The Supervisor’s Role